Here in Spartanburg, South Carolina, we are proud of our unique and vibrant food scene. Our local restaurants and chefs create delicious dishes that bring the community together. At the event, we will have several restaurants wowing your taste buds with their dishes guessed it, bacon. It is with great pleasure that we present the talented chefs and restaurants who will showcase their food.

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Chef Bob Munnich
Dray Bar & Grill

At Dray Bar & Grill we are establishing true hospitality.  We are here for you!  We listen, we deliver.  

We opened here because we believe in Drayton and Spartanburg.  We love our neighbors, our city and everyone around us.  We are here to add just a little escape from your "Daily Routine", one of our big goals is to deliver the quick vacation, that little respite from everything you need to get done, that distraction from what might be stressing you.

1800 Drayton Catering and Events

When Ingredients like History and Elegance combine with Southern Hospitality and Exquisite Cuisine You Experience an

1800 Drayton Event.

More restaurants coming soon!