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St. Luke's Free Medical Clinic

St. Luke’s Free Medical Clinic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission to change the lives of Spartanburg County residents who lack access to healthcare by providing a collaborative, compassionate and innovative medical home. Founded in 1992, St. Luke’s was born from an interdenominational vision to provide free quality healthcare to low-income uninsured individuals. Thirty years later in 2022, St. Luke’s served over 1600 individuals through 8,000 medical visits. The Clinic provided an estimated $15 million in medical care and prescription medications to patients on a budget of $1 million. 


St. Luke’s is the only free medical clinic in Spartanburg County, SC, offering quality healthcare to uninsured Spartanburg County residents. The Clinic is a central hub for a variety of healthcare services, including; primary care, referrals for specialized care, mental health counseling, health education, and an on-site pharmacy. Primary care needs are met on-site at both of the Clinic’s locations. The delivery of these services is carried out by clinical staff in conjunction with dedicated volunteers, including physicians and nurses.

To learn more about St. Luke's visit our website at

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